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-Option- BBQ & BEER


BBQ & Beer Deck/Summer Only

It is a plan that you can enjoy a barbecue empty-handed. Draft beer that you serve yourself from the server is also the best. You can bring your own BBQ ingredients and drinks.


BBQ set for 1 person: ¥4,000 (tax included)

Draft beer 1 barrel with 3 liters: ¥6,000 (tax included)

Carry-on plan 1 person: ¥: 2,000 (tax included)

<Application deadline> 5 days before the date of stay 

<Cancellation> BBQ set only 30% up to 2 days before the stay, 50% 1 day before (the day before), 100% on the day

* No cancellation fee for draft beer and carry-on plans.

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