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Connect with peers, learn case studies,

find the seeds you want

This is a place to share and put into practice opportunities to transform ourselves into a sustainable society toward a sustainable society in which individuals shine. I would like to learn new ideas and actions for a sustainable society and find seeds that I want to do.


Using Yohaku, place/skill

Creation and dissemination from related information bases.

Until now, we have created a real place unique to this area by constructing work, play, and community while staying at the factory. In order to make the platform more sustainable and useful, we will build from this "yohaku" as a place where sharing = sympathy, sharing and co-creation can be done flexibly.




sustainable activities

We regularly hold sustainable events as a place to learn by exchanging know-how and opinions.

Aiming to become a regional information center that serves as a hub for connecting with people and disseminating information, it will lead to an increase in the related population and the creation of jobs.



sustainable way of living

A place where individuals who like working styles gather

We support the challenges of “individuals” who are trying to bring about change aiming for a sustainable way of life. The “place” that will be the stage is “yohak”. It serves as a base for travelers and accepts travelers.



yohak & sustainable

Through the co-living space, "individuals" can learn, experience, and connect about sustainability beyond the boundaries of business types and companies. We are working to solve social issues through our business.

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