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-Option-  SAUNA


"Totou" tent sauna in nature

It is a Yohaku sauna plan for hotel guests only. When you perform “Roryu” by pouring aromatic water on the sauna stones placed on the stove, the steam spreads inside the tent, raising the sensible temperature and enveloping you in a soothing scent. Here is "Totou" to refresh your mind and body.


[Contents of basic set]

・Sauna tent EX-PRO CUBE4

・Sauna stove

・Sauna stone

・Sauna bench

・Rolling bucket

・Ladle for roasting

・Heat resistant gloves

・Heat-resistant rug

・Firewood scissors


・Carbon monoxide checker




Capacity: 4 people

Volume: W180×D180×H200cm (when set up)

Floor area: 3.24㎡

Weight: Tent 14.5kg / Stove 17.2kg


1 unit: ¥30,000 (tax included) *accommodation fee not included

<Application deadline> 5 days before the date of stay 

<Cancellation> 30% up to 2 days before the date of stay, 50% 1 day before (the day before), 100% on the day

*May not be available due to weather conditions.

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