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02 Substantial free space

Share with family and friends

Free space on the 2nd floor that you can share with your family and friends. Please spend your precious time slowly. Self-catering with a kitchen provides a high degree of freedom and is fully equipped with tableware. In addition, as optional services, you can add the "Premium Grill Barbecue", which is a set of the finest meat and vegetables, and the "Raw Barrel Craft Beer" where you can enjoy the feeling of a beer garden, so please consider it.


Natural stylish space

Flooring that expresses a rustic taste. The walls are clean white. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a cottage. It is also attractive that you can change the layout of the desks and chairs according to the style and number of people, such as parties.


self catering kitchen

Cook together and enjoy a wonderful time. It is a fully equipped kitchen that can be used not only for parties but also for training camps. *Self-catering is a system in which we prepare a set of tableware at our facility, so the customer is responsible for cooking, serving, and cleaning up.

<Equipment>・Tableware・Knife・Cutting board・Stove・Microwave・Sponge・Detergent etc.


Convenient pick-up counter

With a convenient face-to-face counter where you can immediately deliver dishes from the kitchen. Easy to clean up. Flow lines for easy work.


Outdoor wood deck

When you open the window from the room, a wooden deck with an overwhelming presence welcomes you. You can enjoy the best day feeling nature in an open private stay surrounded by nature. *The wood deck can be used until 9:30 pm. Please be punctual and enter and leave the room on time so as not to disturb the neighbors.

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