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Camp plan

This is a plan to rent out the whole yohak and have a heated discussion in order to solve the lack of community in remote work. By openly sharing all sorts of problems and information through offsite meetings and brushing up on the subject from multiple perspectives, you will be able to create an even bigger vision. Work on a certain trip! It is a training camp plan to nurture free and active ideas and team building.

[Environment (free rental)]

Wi-Fi: Down 530 Mbps / Up 450 Mbps (average)


Wireless microphone x 2/speaker


staying plan

[Number of people] Charter up to 7 people

[Price] 7,000 yen per person per night without meals

[C/IN] 14:00 [C/OUT] 10:00


Day trip plan

[Number of people] Up to 20 people

[Price] 20,000 yen/group

[C/IN] 10:00 [C/OUT] 18:00

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