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Private plan

It is a healing space where you can relax your mind and body by using your own time in an extraordinary place away from busy days such as work and life. How about taking care of yourself and refreshing yourself in order to relax your mind and body and restart in comfort?


private space

Relax in a private room

The Japanese-style room uses Ryukyu tatami mats. It feels good on your feet and you can spend a comfortable time.

The Western-style room has an iron wall on one side to match the image of "staying in a printing factory". You can spend a relaxing time in an extraordinary space.



ample free space

share with group

Free space on the 2nd floor that you can share with your family and friends. Please spend your precious time slowly. Self-catering with a kitchen provides a high degree of freedom and is fully equipped with tableware. Furthermore, you can enjoy barbecue and beer deck by adding optional services.







Optional service

This is an optional service for healing yourself. Please spend a relaxing time to return to your original self.



"Totou" on the Sky Deck

tent sauna

Sauna option for hotel guests only. It is a plan where you can rent out the sky deck and refresh your mind and body.




BBQ & Beer Deck/Summer Only

Premium grill & beer server

It is a plan that you can enjoy a barbecue empty-handed. Draft beer that you serve yourself from the server is also the best.

You can bring your own BBQ ingredients and drinks.

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